Jason Davis is a peace advocate, author, poet, gang specialist, mental health advocate and father.  He travels around the world to educate society about the experiences of gang members and the consequences of communities that suffer from social isolation.  Using his own narrative, he educates others about mental health awareness, addiction and self mutilation.  His influence as a high ranking gang member has allowed him to assist communities to address gang related violence.  He encourages future and current practitioners to become agents of change by becoming involved in community outreach and becoming more informed about mental illness.  Currently he is the Family Engagement Specialist/Crisis Intervention Specialist for Living Redemption Youth Opportunity Hub in Harlem.  

Born and raised in Harlem, Jason Davis is an African American Author, Poet, Inspirational Speaker, and Parent Consultant on youth self-inflicted injuries. Davis, has cultivated a youth empowerment movement based on gang diversion and strengthening mental health in the Black community. As an adolescent, he found himself drawn to a life riddled with drugs and gang affiliation. A long term tumultuous relationship with his father became a catalyst for years of mental anguish, which manifested itself by way of multiple crimes and acts of violence. In 2005, Davis met Terrie Williams, a well-known public relations strategist, author, and mental health advocate. With her support, Davis was able to assess the course in which his life had taken, and make the transition necessary to reconcile his past. He began to make amends for his past transgressions through youth advocacy endeavors. Davis made a name for himself as an inspirational speaker in multiple private and public institutions across the country. He has presented alongside the likes of the revered Reverend Alfonso Wyatt, former WNBA player Marion Jones, former Essence Magazine editor in chief Susan L. Taylor, former Congresswoman Maxine Waters, Author Terry McMillan, Actor John Amos, former Newark Mayor Corey Booker, Political Activist Fred Hammond Jr., and Malcolm Shabazz to name a few.

Keynote Speaker

·        Sharing Our Stories Youth Engagement Conference in East St. Louis, IL          2017

·        Boys 2 Men Bridging Gap at Pleasantville Residential Treatment                     Facility in New York, 2017

·        Building Community Resilience Summit in Virginia 2017

·        National Youth Engagement Symposiums in Belize 2016

·        Prevention Links Parent Engagement Conference in New Jersey 2016

·        Mental Health Conference and Resource Fair in New York, 2016

·        Youth Engagement city wide symposiums in Bridgeport, CT,  2012

·        Quinnipiac and Yale University Conference on The State of Our Youth           in Connecticut, 2011

·        Coming Home W.I.S.E. Conference in New York, 2010

·        Thinking Outside the Cell in New York, 2009

·        National Book Club Conference 2006-2008

·        100 Black Women Coalition in New York, 2006

·        Essence Festival to discuss gangs and gun violence in Houston, TX,                 2006