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"We believe in the power of the community working together as a whole In order to build a better future for our Youth." Reimagining Justice Team

Beloved, Jason, Liza, Evelyn and Dorin are the advocates for REIMAGINING JUSTICE and can partner with you to develop innovative solutions for your organization or community

Reimagining Justice is a 501 (c)(3) organization that advocates for creating healing centered justice responses, justice reinvestment in communities to create safe havens for youth, educational support for the socio-emotional needs of children and culturally appropriate mental health programs.  Our team members and community partners include credible messengers, mental health professionals, peer educators, activists and academics.  We currently mentor youth, partner with schools, consult with community agencies, provide training, coordinate wellness events and use our voices to continue to fight for a better future for our youth.  

Research has found that our criminal justice system continues to traumatize communities of color with overly punitive practices. The several consequences of the systemic trauma fostered by the current justice system include: the school to prison pipeline, mass incarceration, poverty, disenfranchisement, mental health issues, inadequate health care and higher rates of violence.  We created this organization to utilize our voices and expertise to educate others about the importance of radically changing our response to violence and crime and partnering with the community to focus on investing in human potential. 

Our organization combines the lived experience, academic expertise and professional background of seasoned professionals to help those who want to make a change in their community and learn how to advocate for, organize and engage our youth. 

We think our biggest strength is the youth we work with, we continue to be active agents of change throughout our communities.  All of us have benefited from someone investing in our potential, we now want to do that for others.  Our hope is to continue partnering with people around the world to advocate for our youth.  Let's REIMAGINE JUSTICE together.    

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