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Reimagining Justice is a consulting agency founded by Mr. Jason Davis and Dr. Liza Chowdhury to provide tools and information for participants to become agents of change in a complex system that needs solutions to help decrease tragedies.  Over the past forty years, the criminal justice system has suffered from the collateral consequences of harsh tough on crime policies and a system that has reinforced labels based on moral panic.  Terms such as Super Predator, War on Drugs, War on Gangs, Gang Banger, Mental Illness, Addict and Felon have created a stigma that further isolates members of society and creates barriers from achieving successful outcomes for those who are involved with the Criminal Justice system.

In order to transform current beliefs, the instructors provide personal experiences, historical contexts, policy implications and narratives to provide an experiential learning event that allows participants to evaluate personal implicit biases and discuss how to move beyond labels or assumptions to create a better justice system.  The instructors emphasize the importance of looking at those who come into contact with the system in a more humane manner by providing holistic services, meaningful accountability and effective evidence based policies.  The goal is to reimagine a justice system that looks to restore hurt people, heal communities and develop legitimacy between the community and Criminal Justice system in order to reduce violence and recidivism. 

The team of professionals include criminal justice experts, gang and crew consultants, victim advocates, cure violence trainers, and researchers.  Our agency provides training, motivational speaking, consultation to organize grassroots movements, technical assistance in data analysis and research expertise.