who we are

"We believe in the power of the community working together as a whole In order to build a better future for our Youth." Reimagining Justice Team

Beloved, Jason, Liza, Evelyn and Dorin are the advocates for REIMAGINING JUSTICE and can partner with you to develop innovative solutions for your organization or community

REIMAGINING JUSTICE came about after Jason Davis and Liza Chowdhury hosted a lecture for university students regarding the realities young people experience once they have witnessed trauma.  The combination of empirical evidence along with the lived experience of Jason Davis, the audience left the room wanting to make a difference in their own community.  This inspired the two to continue to speak to justice, social service, education and community professionals about how to reimagine a world where before we label, isolate and incarcerate a child, we learn, integrate and provide better ways to partner with communities to communicate with and build up our youth.  

With over a decade of experience in the field of juvenile justice and public speaking, the two knew the importance of empathy, education and awareness.  As a result, REIMAGINING JUSTICE was founded and a team was developed of talented, inspirational and dedicated individuals that have a passion to advocate for our youth, lessen violence and create solutions for our youth that allow our young people to have a voice. We are 501(c)(3) organization that provides consultation, research, training and transformative mentoring services.

Our organization combines the lived experience, academic expertise and professional background of seasoned professionals to help those who want to make a change in their community and learn how to advocate for, organize and engage our youth. 

We think our biggest strength is the youth we work with, we continue to be active agents of change throughout our communities.  All of us have benefited from someone investing in our potential, we now want to do that for others.  Our hope is to continue partnering with people around the world to advocate for our youth.  Let's REIMAGINE JUSTICE together.    

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